Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wallpaper Borders for Kids and More

Wallpaper borders can add a lot to the décor of any room. They are great all by themselves as an accent to simple paint and trim. They can frame a room and make it more than it otherwise would be. Wallpaper borders are also a great way to allow, enhance and develop creativity. This is especially true with little minds that are still so eager to take in every little detail of life. The border while new may be consciously forgotten in time but it will always have an effect on those who enter the room.

For a game room they will add that sense of belonging and team spirit, the defiance to any competitors who dare compete. In a girl's bedroom they will often provide that fanciful feeling of dreams to come true and happy endings. Whether it be barbies or fairies, teddy bears or princesses there will always be a magical essence that will be added to the room because of that little touch. Hopefully it will provide her with comfort throughout her years as she grows.

For the boys in your life the borders you might chose will often speak of sports and adventure. They may display super heroes or army tanks. Whatever the theme that is chosen the spirit behind it will often speak of heroics and adventure and will offer you an opportunity to speak to him of making choices to improve his life and the world. Batman and Superman in their action stances or Bo the Builder and Lightning McQueen getting a job done and making friends. No matter what you chose wallpaper borders will add to the uniqueness of the space.

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